The University of Iowa


Welcome to the Iowa Center for Research, Exploration, and Advanced Technology in Engineering and Sciences (Iowa CREATES), which houses the Materials Analysis, Testing, and Fabrication (MATFab) facility.

Located in the Iowa Advanced Technology Laboratory, the Iowa CREATES and MatFab bring together under one roof the most modern, sophisticated equipment that faculty and staff in the physical sciences and engineering need to conduct cutting-edge research.

MATFab in Focus
[Optional. Suggested, (ir)regularly updated researcher/equipment spotlight series focusing on faculty or staff doing interesting research in the space and/or on the equipment available—capabilities, successful work accomplished on it, etc., as a way to illustrate what’s possible in the space. Current (or just archival) profiles could live on the VPR Website.]

[Optional: Hand-curated list of upcoming special events, either at/sponsored by the facility, or related to its use.]